9 Cats and Me 123 (Virtual Hunt)

This Virtual Hunt has been claimed!Tune in to our Youtube channel to hear about the details. Be happy and be healthy! 


This is part of our NEW virtual armchair treasure hunt called 9 cats and me 123. It has nothing to do with The Orb Travelers or The Candy Factory Hunt Treasure Hunts.


You'll find a series of videos on our YouTube channel The Gold Ticket, each holding a clue that will be released sporadically over the next few weeks. At the end of the video series, you will end up with a code and you will find a corresponding website to match the correct code. For example if you come up with a code like “codecodecode” you would go to a browser and type in www.CodeCodeCode.com


Video Explanation Below



If you have solved it, that website will give you a special email to email us at. The first person to send us an email AND include the correct code in that email as well AND from a registered player email for this treasure hunt, you will be awarded $500.00.


YouTube Video #1


YouTube Video #2


YouTube Video #3


YouTube Video #4


YouTube Video #5


YouTube Video #6


 YouTube Video #7


 YouTube Video #8


 YouTube Video #9



Any questions, you can email info@thegoldticket.com