What a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to challenge their thinking and get outdoors! This brought so much joy in such a difficult time. We visited places we'd never been and learned new things about our state! Even though we didn't win, it was worth every penny! Thank you both! ~ Bert Felland

This was the most fun we've ever had whilst driving in circles and getting more lost by the minute!! As long as you're out looking, you'll always find a treasure or two- even if you don't win! Can't wait to do the next one!! Stephanie & David are the best! ♥️ ~Keni Johnson

Everyone dreams of finding a gold ticket! David & Stephanie made that dream a reality for thousands of people! They truly created a safe, fun and exciting adventure during a challenging time in our world! They created miles of smiles & memories that will warm hearts for years to come! Our family will cherish this experience! Thank you so much for such a SWEET adventure! Love, the NJ Gold Ticket finders...Hope, Kimberly, Ray, River, Ryder, Rain, Shane & Sawyer!! ~Kimberly Sanicki

Thank you to The Candyman and Stephanie for an incredible time. Keep up the great work and positive vibes. ~ Torry Guardino

Hit the road (solo and outside of my comfort zone) at 6am this morning- back to open my business (late) at noon. LOL. No luck finding the ticket but I have had the BEST 6 hours since March. THANK YOU TOO DAVID, STEPHANIE AND ALL for making this possible!! ~ Denise Robinson