Thank you Stephanie & David, and South Dakota. We took a chance, and drove up from Colorado to join in the fun. We found exactly what we were searching for, family fun andmemories made. We played tourists, saw what the west side of the state had to offer. We were certain 3 times, that we’d solved the riddle. Amazing adventure. -Jaxon Kels


Today was a very eventful day to say the least! I have ventured 6 hours further away from my home and I have looked high and low. The best part of all this is definitely making memories with my children and exploring this beautiful state which is very new to us that we
proudly call home! You guys have been an amazing support for us and the extra drive we need to keep going! These mountains are no joke and I promise you either way, we are all winners! -Katrina Fernandez


Thank you so much for a fun filled day! This was the first time since March we have gone pretty much anywhere. We got the town right and spent the day searching but couldn’t do the 3.5 hour drive back this am after the second clue to search again. Congratulations to the winner! -Jessie Scott


It’s really not about the necklace or the candy kitchen; it’s about this picture. If someone solves the riddle quick, so what you can still go on a hunt for treasure...we did and I found it right here next to me. Go on that planned adventure knowing you won’t find anything...except those memories that will live for a lifetime. -John Cann


Wow, what an adrenaline rush when we figured out the clue and it was only 40 mins away. I have never seen my family scatter so fast to get out of the house and in the car. One car pulls out 8 minutes before the other.... had to be careful of speed because the adrenaline
was pumping....So proud of my family for engaging critical thinking and solving the riddle...just not quick enough. Thank you for the adventure on a cold and rainy Sunday! -Dana L Noga

My family and I truly enjoyed the hunt! I loved watching Georga post updates I enjoyed our hunt!and I will continue to enjoy watching other states play! This was the first time I got out with my family and got to get out of our own little stress ball worlds in a long time. We found Gold painted rocks #thegoldticket ! We found bugs, geocache's, strangers on the same mission who for a moment became friends. We found laughter and new road trip snacks and lastly we even found my gold necklace! LITERALLY! I have a necklace I lost on a road trip earlier this year (I thought it was lost at a hotel) and my son found it in the back of my minivan while we were hunting! This was fun thanks for doing it! hey were all learning as we go in the crazy world. -Corrine Fitzwilliams


We Love You Mr Candyman and Stephanie and Team ... We are a Family and We are All in this Together ... Thank you so Much for All Y’all have done 1 Love. Adventure is out There -Jenna Bryant


Did I want to win, sure, my competitive side did. But in the end, I did win....I made new memories with my family, worked my brain like I haven’t worked in a long time, and even made a new friend I most likely would not have met otherwise! So, thank you to David Klein
and Stephanie Marie Thirtyacre for setting up something so intriguing to get families and friends out the house having fun. Something POSITIVE that 2020 has needed for our house! -Meridith Shumate


Rhode Island here! To give my daughter this opportunity is so special we are having a BLAST! -Michaela Amitrano


It was a awesome way to spend $50.00. My husband and I where excited for weeks, got up early the day of and headed out. We didn't find anything, but it lightened the mood on a strange year. -Samantha Berlin

It was definitely worth the $50 for 4 days of family fun and bonding!!!
-Shane Fredrickson

If you are looking for a "cheap" contest with little to no effort to win, go buy a quick pick lotto ticket, this is not for you. But if you're looking for an adventure and a chance to get out and do something different with your family, creating memories that money can't buy, and challenging your mind and your body on a quest, this has fulfilled all my expectations and more. -Brenna Hall

I just want to say thank you creating such a fun family outing. I have 6 kids. 2 with special needs. The two with special needs are 18 and 6. We all went as a family. These 2 usually don't do well with travel. We did the South Carolina search yesterday. Not only did they do
well, they rode for over 7 hours and didn't have any melt downs. As a mom I'm grateful for something the whole family could do. With kids 24 to 6 it is hard to find something everyone can get excited about. Thank for doing something that creates memories. Much love from the Welch family. -Donna Welch

This world is going downhill fast. You Sir, are making people happy, giving them hope and getting families together.
-Katten Davis

We didn't find it. We did find where ALL of the spiders in Georgia sleep at night though. Apparently even the grouchiest kids think that mom walking into web after web is hilarious! We laughed ourselves stupid the whole way home. We never even turned on the radio. He's going to leave and go off on his own in a few years, im thankful we had this time together and it was worth every penny.
-Danielle Wood

What a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to challenge their thinking and get outdoors! This brought so much joy in such a difficult time. We visited places we'd never been and learned new things about our state! Even though we didn't win, it was worth every penny! Thank you both! ~ Bert Felland

This was the most fun we've ever had whilst driving in circles and getting more lost by the minute!! As long as you're out looking, you'll always find a treasure or two- even if you don't win! Can't wait to do the next one!! Stephanie & David are the best! ♥️ ~Keni Johnson

Everyone dreams of finding a gold ticket! David & Stephanie made that dream a reality for thousands of people! They truly created a safe, fun and exciting adventure during a challenging time in our world! They created miles of smiles & memories that will warm hearts for years to come! Our family will cherish this experience! Thank you so much for such a SWEET adventure! Love, the NJ Gold Ticket finders...Hope, Kimberly, Ray, River, Ryder, Rain, Shane & Sawyer!! ~Kimberly Sanicki

Thank you to The Candyman and Stephanie for an incredible time. Keep up the great work and positive vibes. ~ Torry Guardino

Hit the road (solo and outside of my comfort zone) at 6am this morning- back to open my business (late) at noon. LOL. No luck finding the ticket but I have had the BEST 6 hours since March. THANK YOU TOO DAVID, STEPHANIE AND ALL for making this possible!! ~ Denise Robinson