Welcome to Candy Factory Hunt


We are very excited to kick off the hunt for one of David's Candy Factories in Florida! This is the grand finale hunt for the 2020 Gold Ticket™ State hunts


Thank you Treasure Hunters. The Candy Factory Treasure Hunt has been solved By Andrew Mass of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was found in Kokomo, Indiana in Highland Park near the covered bridge. Look for new treasure hunts coming soon as well as the current hunts we have which are The Orb Travelers and The 9 Cats and me 123.








It's not in Oklahoma and.... Taking some sandwitches with, might help.

The nut is within inches of the twine

The location isn't far from where you can park a car. 


Toe doesn't relate to anything more than the twine is in the ground


You won't meet the witches till you are nearby. 


A clue is: The nut is not edible


Here is your Riddle:


Don't have a instant idea, for a treasure diehard

We see witches nearby, two stand guard

Go Solve and Search, as low as our toe

Why find a nut and walks are no foe



Notes: There should be no digging required and please stay out of cemeteries. We can't promise that debris has not covered up the piece of twine, but there was no digging anticipated.



 Remember that we only have one candy factory. The treasure hunt can be over in as little as 15 minutes or it can go on for days, weeks, and even months. So please keep these thoughts in mind as you join in on the fun.


Hope you all had fun with The Gold Ticket 2020 state Treasure Hunts and we wish you all well with the candy factory treasure hunt. Remember you must have had a valid 2020 state treasure hunt ticket to be eligible for the candy factory treasure hunt. Please do not share the riddle on social media.


Please only submit the correct location and the code on the Gold Ticket from your eligible email to submit@thegoldticket.com If you are the solver, please don't post on social media till we have had a chance to confirm.


Any questions or account issues, please email info@thegoldticket.com.