Nebraska 2021

Welcome to The Candyman's Treasure Hunt 2021!

This is where you will find updates, important announcements, and your RIDDLE on the release date.

  • A Riddle will be released at the date and time of your states treasure hunt. Clues will not be given out every 24 hours like they were in 2020. We might give clues if we feel they are needed, but there will not be a set time. Some states may receive more clues than others.
  • You must check in on your account to see updates or clues that might appear. Updates can be sent at any time. We might send an email notice, but those can end up in spam or take time to get to you. So check in with your account often. 
  • Treasure hunts can be over very quickly. Some Gold Tickets have been found in an hour, and some have taken 4 days. It's impossible to know if a riddle will be conceived as easy or hard. We have no way of controlling the outcome of a hunt.
  • Treasure hunts can be difficult at times. We may use codes, ciphers, red herrings like misspelled words or extra words that aren't important, but help make a line in the riddle sound better. You might need to research history to get your answer or learn about anagrams. Definitions can be important. Words can change form, but be a clue to the real meaning. These are puzzles that can sometimes point to many different locations, and finding the correct solve what you need. 
  • The 2021 treasure hunts will require NO digging, so leave your shovels at home. We can secret the gold tickets many different ways, but our intentions will always be that you don't need to dig. One method we will be using in 2021 is to hide them in what we have termed "GumDrops."  We place these in the ground and you will need to search for a piece of twine or string and pull up to release them from the ground. However, Gumdrops will not be used exclusively. Some might be in a tree or other place. 
  • In 2021, there may be fees associated with the locations where the necklaces are hidden. Some national parks and other similar places may require an admission fee. Also, some necklaces may be hidden in a place that has operating hours, or closes at night. It will be imperative to solve the poem to figure out where you need to go. We will not be able to clarify if the necklaces hidden in your state are in a location where an admission fee is required or in a location that has certain hours of operation. 
Good luck, and have fun!!